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About PSI

We are designers and manufacturers of test equipment for non-destructive testing of EEDs (electro-explosive devices) and explosive detonators. We produce test equipment including thermal transient test sets, electronic waveform digitizers, data capture systems, and automated test sets. Our thermal transient test sets are top of the line with data capture & pass/fail decision making to automatically control production line part handlers.

Our devices are used for 100% assurance in applications ranging from air bags, aircraft seat ejection, demolition, mining, and military ordinance.

We also provide calibration services for our test equipment with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceability. PSI has been providing thermal transient solutions since 1984 and continues to strive for quality and customer assurance.

What is Thermal Transient Testing?

Thermal transient testing is done by applying a short constant current pulse across the EED and analyzing the thermal response of the device. The thermal response can determine EED characteristics, conformance/non-conformance, and failure modes in the event of non-conformance.

Thermal transient testing is a fast and effective way to ensure 100% conformance and is ideal for EEDs used in high reliability and safety applications.

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