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PSI 730 Thermal Transient Test Set

Automatically Balanced, Stand-alone Tester

Introducing the 730 Thermal Transient Test Set offering an unparalleled testing experience.

Key Features:

  • 10.1" Industrial Touch Screen Interface: Effortlessly navigate and control your testing processes with a user-friendly touch screen.

  • Modern Interfaces: Enjoy enhanced connectivity with USB, network logging (syslog), and HDMI capabilities.

  • High Resolution/Accuracy Data Capture and Test Pulse: Benefit from cutting-edge precision.

  • Wider Test Parameter Ranges: Adapt to diverse testing needs with a range of 4ms - 250ms test pulse duration, current up to 2000ma, and up to 19V test voltage!

Elevate your testing capabilities with the 730 Thermal Transient Test Set, meticulously engineered for precision and efficiency in today's demanding engineering and manufacturing environments. The 730 streamlines your workflow, offering the capacity to test up to 3600 units per hour.


The 730's responsive 10.1" industrial touch screen interface is designed for intuitive interaction and streamlined control. Its modern connectivity suite, including USB, network logging (syslog), and HDMI capabilities, ensures seamless integration into any test environment.


At the heart of the 730 lies unparalleled precision, with high-resolution data capture and accurate test pulse technology, setting new industry standards for testing accuracy. Its expansive range of test parameters, from 4ms to 250ms pulse duration and up to 2000mA current with a 19V test voltage capability, provides unmatched versatility across various product testing requirements.


The 730 Thermal Transient Test Set represents a significant advance over the 605 and 630 models. The 730 is a leap in technology that simplifies complexity while assuring dependable and precise outcomes. It’s designed for both traditional test labs and automated production lines. 605 and 630 legacy modes provide data alignment for smooth upgrade integration.

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