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What is Thermal Transient Testing?

Pasadena Scientific's Thermal Transient Test Sets enable manufacturers to test and evaluate EEDs through non-destructive means. This allows for 100% of the EEDs to be tested - unlike destructive statistical testing methods. Thermal transient testing is done by applying a short constant current pulse across the EED and analyzing the thermal response of the device. The thermal response can determine EED characteristics, conformance/non-conformance, and failure modes in the event of non-conformance. Thermal transient testing is a fast and effective way to ensure 100% conformance and is ideal for EEDs used in high reliability and safety applications.


605 Thermal Transient Test Set

The 605 is a manually balanced test set intended for low-volume bench top testing. The 605 is used in conjunction with an oscilloscope to display the thermal response waveform.


630 Thermal Transient Test Set

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 7.09.09 PM.png

The 630 is an automatically balanced, stand-alone test set which may be used for benchtop testing, but is designed for use on a production line. The 630 software enables users to enter test criteria and parameters through the user interface. EED characteristics are automatically calculated, displayed, and recorded. Pass/fail criteria can be input and a non-conformance output signal can be sent to a production line part handler.

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